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A Prayer To You - Lyrics


Where to begin

To talk about a violence that not even our worst nightmares could imagine?

What words should be used

When no language could ever find a name for such atrocities?

Couplet I

They came in the middle of the night

And violated the entrance of her home

And so did they with her body

Forcing her whole family to see

This monstrosity


My tears, my prayers

Go out to you my sisters my brothers

From me to you, is it all I can do?

Couplet II

They destroyed her garden and no birth can be given

All the fruits get rotten

No life in here anymore

All that remains is scars and sores

Couplet III

With a cold-blooded insanity, they just ripped her off of her humanity

It’s the whole community they annihilated

So imagine how much love, imagine how much strength will be needed

To rebuild a present and a future


Can my words be true

Talking about something I’ve never been through?

To my brothers, my sisters who’ve endured such unspeakable offence

May Jah bring my prayers, my love, my strength

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